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Into the Abyss

I captured these photons just after the rain let up. What a crazy morning. I got up to shoot the Mesa Arch but that notion quickly dissolved with the rain and clouds. I had the park almost entirely to myself with the exception of one old rusty and beaten down camper that kept racing at 90 MPH from viewpoint to viewpoint. Picture, if you will, Clark Griswold's cousin Eddie and his dog Snot racing up and down the park roads.

About the photo: Taken from the Grand View Point Overlook in Canyonlands, you can see Monument Basin in the foreground with the Abajo Mountains off in the distance. The roads on the right are old mining roads from when this area was mined for Uranium. White Rim road can be seen in the foreground. Feel like a drive? Well, you best schedule two days for it because this is a 100 mile long road.

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